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Kemp House, 152 City Road,
London, EC1V 2NX

+44 (0)20 7613 2015

125LIVE Exhibitor Form


You're an exhibitor at 125LIVE 2015 and we are very pleased to have you on board!
Please carefully read through the following information regarding the supply of your files and print delivery for the exhibition. 


Printing of the 125 Annual which accompanies the exhibition will begin next week so we'll need your high-res file(s) by Midday on September 7th.
Upload your files using Wetransfer to:


All exhibitors are required to supply their selected image(s) as a framed print for the exhibition. 
Paper type & framing style are completely up to the individual exhibitor but space is limited so please don't go bigger than 1m square (approx.)

We are pleased to offer all exhibitors a 50% discount on printing and 25% discount on framing costs with The Print Space who will also arrange delivery to the exhibition. To receive the discount all orders must be placed by phone or in person by calling 020 7739 1060 
mentioning 125LIVE.

You may print and frame the work yourself but delivery to the exhibition venue must be at Midday on the 7th October, no exceptions.
Contact us by email for delivery address. 


Selling your work at 125LIVE is optional but with 20'000 visitors expected to see your work we strongly recommend that you consider taking part in the print sale.  If you would like to sell at 125LIVE you can tell us the size, price, edition and framing options on the form below. 

We know that most of you have experience selling prints through galleries but to be completely clear, when setting your print price please bear in mind your production costs, our 35% gallery commission and 20% VAT that we must add to the price you state on this form.

You can opt out of 125 Print Sales at any time. 

If you have any questions about anything on this form get in touch and we'll clarify.


To be completed by all exhibitors by September 7th.