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125 #12 - Future (UK Cover)

sold out

125 #12 - Future (UK Cover)


This issue is absolutely packed with 288 pages of brilliant and surprising new work connected in some way to The Future, if you already know about 125 then you'll know what we mean by brilliant and surprising, if you are new to our magazine you have to buy it and find out for yourself. The interviews in this issue are also pretty impressive with an in-depth chat with super-photographer Nick Knight, plus Frances Corner, head of the London College of Fashion and Paul Saffo, possibly the most interesting man we've ever spoken to. Future issue contributors are Atton Conrad, Dbox, Dirk Rees, Gemma Booth, Greg White, Jason Joyce, John Midgley, Jonathan Kantor, Jordan Doner, Kai Wiechmann, Kristian Schuller, Paul Farrell, Perou, Perry Curties, Rebecca Lewis, Spashion, Tim Simmons & Zena Holloway.

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