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125 #13 - Luxury (UK Cover)

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125 #13 - Luxury (UK Cover)


It could well be imagined that the 13th issue of an independently published magazine coinciding with the 'worlds worst recession' might be a touch unlucky. But 125 Magazine is used to triumphing over adversity and this issue is no exception.

Taking luxury as their inspiration, contributors around the world have produced a stunning compendium of images that are both visually stunning and thought provoking. Whether its Danielle Levitt’s portraits of 90210 teens, Rick Guest’s experimental laser work, Steven Laxton’s holocaust survivors or Venetia Dearden’s sun-drenched landscapes there is something in this issue to provoke a debate around any coffee table. 125 also have interviews with Katherine Hamnett and Quentin Mackay, a feature on Chanel and an in depth retrospective with fashion photography supremo Glen Luchford

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