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125 #19 - Olympia


125 #19 - Olympia



It's a big one. More than 300 pages of ideas made real and transferred to paper for your delectation.
The Olympia issue includes all forms of photography - fashion, portraiture, landscape etc - as well as illustration, design and even CGI by a genuine cross-section of established and emerging creatives from around the world, including Adrian Green, Aorta, Andreas Kock, Benjamin Kaufmann, Christiano Tekirdali, David Goldman, Gemma Booth, Grant Thomas, Jason Tozer, Luke Kirwan, The Makerie, Marc Beaussart, Michael Brunn, Paul Calver, Paul Farrell, Peer Lindgreen, Perry Curties, Rebecca Pierce, Samuel Hicks, Sarah May, Steven Laxton, Kate Cox, Wilfrid Wood.

We also have a great selection of interviews with a group of characters including the iconic product designer Marc Newson; we take a look inside the amazing Stanley Kubrick Archive; Anna Della Russo (Japanese Vogue) on style; French pop stars Air discussing their soundtrack for the re-released Voyage Dans La Lune;  Oscar Pistorius plays down his attempts to become the first Paralympian in the able-bodied Olympics; Ruth Hogben tells us what it means to be leading the fashion film revolution and Katie Baron discusses her new book - Stylists - and what it takes to get the worlds leading fashion stylists talking. 

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