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125 #20 - Time

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125 #20 - Time


How time flies, this issue marks our 10th anniversary as publishers of exciting new work by a range of contributors from around the world and this issue is no exception. It contains an array of fashion photography, still-life, portraiture and more abstract offerings on the theme of TIME by Alexander Beer, David Goldman, Emmanuel Giraud, Frank Bauer, Gavin Watson, Jason Hetherington, Jenny Hands, John Gripenholm, Kristian Schuller, Lars Borges, Leandro Farina, Olivia Beasley, Olivier Rieu, Owen Silverwood, Perry Curties, Richard Foster, Rick Guest, Tara Darby and Uli Webber.

We also have a selection of fascintating interviews with the legends that are Ellen von Unwerth and Serge Lutens, thinker and scientist Paul Saffo, taxidermy artist Polly Morgan, musicians Smoke Fairies, plus an interview with the man behind the stunning Samsara (and Baraka) movies, as well as essays on the Copyleft movement, Islamic art and the nature of social networking on our lives and relationships.

This issue will also be available as an iPad app from November, it'll be a bespoke version of the issue with a selection of exclusive features and films by David Goldman, Leandro Farina & Shwype, Olivia Beasley, Perry Curties, Tara Darby and Uli Webber.

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