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125 #21 - Life


125 #21 - Life



As we enter the 2nd decade of 125's evolution we are pleased to announce a redesigned magazine with a whole host of new features alongside the visuals you already know and love us for. Creative innovation is the driving force behind the editorial selection process and we bring you a broad range of fascinating words and images, it's a beautiful thing and your book shelf will thank you for buying it.

Interviews and features include a look at the work of Tim Flach; Vivienne Westwood on the complexities of life atop an eco-fashion soapbox; an insight on life drawing by a family of artists; Sandra Choi at Jimmy Choo; an insiders look at the National Portrait Gallery with Terence Pepper, interviews with Wayne McGregor and Ed Watson of the Royal Ballet; we talk to a range of actors and musicians plus essays and opinion pieces on everything from sex to social networking.

Of course, the visuals remain at the core of the magazine and it is filled with a mix of truly astounding abstract photography, illustration, portraiture, still-life, landscape and of course fashion by a range of established and emerging creatives. There are in fact more contributors than we can mention here, but just to get you started heres a few to whet your appetite. Arthur Woodcroft, Chris Turner, dbox, Georgina Hodson, Harris Elliot, Hill & Aubrey, Jessica Albarn, Luke Kirwan, Matilda Temperley, Max Oppenheim, Olivia Pomp, Perry Curties, Ross Shields, Ryan Hopkinson, Steen Sundland, Steven Brahms and David Vintiner.

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